Zakład Historii Języka Polskiego i Dialektologii UW

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We invite you to participate in the international scientific conference organized by the Section of History of Polish Language and Dialectology at the Faculty of Polish Studies, Warsaw University:
The conference will be held from 26th to 27th September 2014 in Warsaw, at the Faculty of Polish Studies, Warsaw University (Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28). More...


    The Section of Polish Language and Dialectology is one of several sections at the Institute of Polish Language at the University of Warsaw. The Institute was established in 1976 due to the transformation of the Chair of Polish Language supervised by prof. dr hab. Witold Doroszewski.
            The heads of the Section were among others:  prof. dr hab. Salomea Szlifersztejnowa (1976-1982), prof. dr hab. Mieczysław Szymczak (1982-1985), prof. dr hab. Jadwiga Chludzińska-Świątecka (1986-1991), prof. dr hab. Władysław Kupiszewski (1991-1998), dr hab. Wanda Decyk-Zięba (1998-2000). At present the head of the section is prof. dr hab. Halina Karaś (since 2000).


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The interest of the Staff of the Section, their research and publications concern mostly:
       * dialectology and sociolinguistics (W. Decyk-Zięba, J. Garczyńska, H. Karaś, A. Kępińska, M. Kresa, A. Piotrowska, I. Stąpor, I. Winiarska-Górska),
       * the Polish Frontier language in Lithuania and Latvia and the Polish language of Polish communities (H. Karaś, W. Decyk-Zięba),
       * acoustic phonetics (J. Garczyńska)
       * local dialect lexicography (H. Karaś) and historic lexicography (W. Decyk-Zięba, E. Rodek, I. Winiarska-Górska),
       * history of Polish vocabulary, historic semantics and historic word formation (H. Karaś, A. Kępińska, E. Kwapień, A. Piotrowska, I. Winiarska-Górska),
       * history of grammatical system (inflectional and syntactic) of the Polish language (A. Kępińska, I. Stąpor, B. Taras)
       * linguistic contacts in the past and at present, history of borrowings in Polish language (H. Karaś, W. Decyk-Zięba, E. Kwapień)
       * onomastiscs, in particular geographical and proper names (W. Decyk-Zięba, M. Kresa, A. Kępińska, H. Karaś),
       * issues concerning religious language in the past (I. Winiarska-Górska),
       * language of authors of particular literary works (H. Karaś, W. Decyk-Zięba, A. Kępińska, I. Winiarska-Górska),
       * the culture of Polish language in the past and at present and the development of language awareness (W. Decyk-Zięba, H. Karaś, I. Winiarska-Górska).

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